Aprile 21, 2020

Argomento: Studenti

Welcome in Trapani!

Due to its geographical and historical position, Trapani, the city between two seas, has always been a place of welcome and integration: already the etymology of its name, from the Greek Δρέπανον, evokes a curved shape like that of an arm that welcomes and reunites. 

With this in mind and under the name of Antonio Scontrino – a musician from Trapani and of European training and career – the Conservatory is open to Europe with increasing OUT mobilities and hopefully with new applications.

Whether you are a singer or play an instrument, Trapani can offer you a good opportunity for his renowned teachers as well as for his historical and natural context. 

The Conservatory of Trapani opens its doors to international students wishing to refine their performance techniques for their preferred instrument or to sing.


Deadlines for exchange applications

May 1st (Winter semester) – October 15 th (Spring semester)

  • Winter semester: 2 November – end of February
  • Spring semester   1 March – 15 July


Students who wish to apply to the Conservatorio of Trapani as part of an international exchange program must apply via EASY and submit the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Link Youtube to an audio or video recording with two or three pieces from different musical periods.



PIC code: 945190117

ECHE: 269345-LA-1-2014-1-IT-E4AKA1-ECHE-1



Consuelo Giglio 

e-mail: erasmus@constp.it