The Conservatory of Music "Antonio Scontrino" was founded in 1978, thanks to the fundamental and invaluable work of Antonino Pappalardo (1933-1992), an appreciated conductor of illustrious native Trapani and the first trustee director of the Institute (1978-1992). It was named after Antonio Scontrino (Trapani, 1950 - Florence, 1922), a famous double bass player and composer, a name that has been retained to this day. Pappalardo personally followed the project and the work of the new and today’s headquarters, which is among the largest structures in Europe, inaugurated in 1996, under the guidance of Lea Pavarini, pianist, first trustee (after Professor Leonardo Pianelli, 1992-1993) and then first director of the conservatory of Trapani (1993-2011). Initially "detached section" of the Conservatory "Vincenzo Bellini" (today "Alessandro Scarlatti") of Palermo, the Conservatory "Antonio Scontrino" of Trapani changes its legal configuration in 1999, when it is made autonomous (interministerial decree of 27.10.1999) As a result of the reform law n. 508/99 and subsequent decrees, the Authority acquires statutory autonomy and starts, in addition to the regular study paths to exhaustion, the new three-year courses of first and second level, involving Italian students, European and non-European. Also equipped with a dance hall, the Conservatory since 2004 begins a collaboration with the National Academy of Dance (now no longer active). The entry into the Erasmus program, occurred in 2002, favors the insertion of the Trapani Institute in the international context and to date the conservatory "Receipt" is an active center of training, production and research attended by Italian, European and non-European students. In 2015 the International Receipt Festival is established, now in its fourth edition, with Concerts, Masterclasses, Seminars, Workshops. In 2017 the Auditoruim annexed to the Conservatory was inaugurated, in collaboration with the Ente Luglio Music

The history of the school

Nato nel 1978 dal prezioso lavoro di Antonino Pappalardo, direttore d'orchestra e primo direttore fiduciario dell’Istituto, il Conservatorio di Trapani è stato intitolato ad Antonio Scontrino, celebre contrabbassista e compositore trapanese